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1702 - Francia Occidentalis, France. Margraves and Counts of Flanders, 862-1405 AD. Flanders (Vlaanderen in Flemish, Flandre in French) is historically significant for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most important reason, in the long run, was that it became the site of the first major development of commercial culture in Northern Europe.. Calendars.com. 108,223 likes · 244 talking about this. Calendars.com: The BEST SELECTION of Calendars in the Known Universe. Follow us on Twitter. Upper Louisiana, also known as the Illinois Country, was the French territory in the upper Mississippi River Valley, including settlements and fortifications in what are now the states of Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. French exploration of the area began with the 1673 expedition of Louis Joliet and Jacques Marquette, which charted the upper Mississippi..

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